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  Trying to join game
  greasyspoons 4/7/2018 6:37:56 AM 827
Hi guys so I used to play this game years ago and managed to find it again! I have tried to re download it but having no success trying to get back into the game. Any help on how to actually get into the game?
Djgritman In order for us to look into why you cant get into the game I believe we will need a little more information as to exactly what's happening? obviously you made the account because you posted in here. So what seems to be the issue? Trouble launching the game? Trouble updating the game? unable to log into servers?

GDN Djgritman
(4/11/2018 3:22:25 AM)
Client download

(4/12/2018 6:55:37 PM)
Dioscuri Here try this link v4.0.exe?dl=0
(5/30/2018 4:28:28 PM)

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