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  Improvement of lune
  Namine 3/6/2018 9:50:07 PM 2367
#Creation of Premium Lune Pack (Monthly)
Premium Pack for lune (Might cost 10000(silver pack*) or 20000(gold pack**) lune)
Pack that allows buying scrolls (Nora, Ruins) in Rian or Yerden NPC. (Will not need to buy scroll by lune)(It can only be bought for a premium player and this item cannot be traded)
*This pack also could increase amount of EXP earned by 25%, Skill exp by 50%, drop by 10%
**This pack also could increase amount of EXP earned by 50%, Skill exp by 100%, drop by 25%

This premium pack might be for 1(10000lune), or 2(18000lune), or 3(25000lune) months with a discount. It can also be negotiated as a Premium orb sold by lune that can be sold to other players.

#Review the prices of lune.
Some mantles are really overpriced in lune (HB, EB, BB, FB).

#Pot System
Pot system might be upgraded. Single HP and MP pots are really terrible for NPC. The need of repot every 15minutes or less. It is expansive game if need to buy a lot of lune pot and scrolls to get high level.
It could have 99pots in NPC and lune pot improved to 999pot. It is one thing that demotivate a lot of players. (Even if decrease the drop rate, it would be better and more fun to play this way)


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