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 Guardian Recruitment
 10/18/2015 1:25:32 PM 7576
We are in need of Guardians to cover the following hours
1600 to 0000
0000 to 0600
These are approximate times and we don't expect someone to play 6-8 hours constantly, but if you qualify for Guardian and play these hours, please put in a ticket with the following information.
Avatar name
Real name
Hours server time that you play
Why you should be considered for a Guardian position.
Putting in a ticket saying I'm a good player, choose me. will not be considered. Please be detailed in why we should choose you!
To qualify for GDN you must:
Be an active player
You have a good standing in the community and with GMs and GDNs.
You have not been listed in an official complaint.
If you have been banned on any avatar, you will not be considered for a staff position.
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Monday ~ Friday
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