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  Badger 8/25/2014 11:50:32 AM 386
When you first create an avatar and start the game, you will spawn into Rian Village where the Patriarch is waiting to talk to you.
Click on him and choose Chat
He will ask you if you want to answer questions for starter money. Since these questions are going to eventually be changed, we will give you the answers here.
While some of the questions will be helpful, so you should read through them, some will not make sense to new players.
Here are the questions and their correct answers

What is the wrong keyboard shortcut? See what's on sale in a player's vend C
Which is the wrong method for resting? Run C
In your adventure, a red creature called Mur will be sighted. What does it do when it dies? Gives 20 HP without any experience

Answer questions again

Which is the wrong description for forming a party? Mini map doesn't show party members
Select the wrong description of a cursed mob. A popo morphs into a Tur
Which is the wrong description of a townfolk? Shukina doesn't sell skills

Try for more money

Which is the wrong description of the store system? You can open your shop while standing
Which is the wrong description of the skill system? You must be level 5 to acquire a skill
What is the incorrect method of conversing with others? You may bigshout at level 40
What is the incorrect description of the Ki Transformation system? Ki is divided between attack defense

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