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  Stat guide for Tribes
  Badger 8/31/2014 1:57:56 PM 1633
Sword - Medium (fast) Damage, less defense Stat: STRENGTH
Boomerang- High Defense, High (slower) attack STAT: DEXTERITY
Bow - High Attack, Low Defense STAT: SENSE

Rian -
Nang - High (slower) Attack, Lower Defense STAT: STRENGTH
Dagger - High (fast) Attack, Low Defense STAT: SENSE
Dart - High Attack, High Defense STAT: DEXTERITY

On-Du Sham

There may be many different specialty configurations that people come up with, but the basics are listed above.
You may, of course, balance your avatar by putting points into your respective weapon attack, and some in dexterity for defense.
Lalandra Is Ki not working? I put some points into Ki and increased my defense but it seems to have no effect. Also, should the witches be hitting me at 20+ with a def of 80? Seems odd to me.
(8/31/2014 7:10:39 PM)
Ki DOES work. Think of KI as "extra" points that you can use once your avatar reaches high enough level that you can afford to put serious points into KI.
For example... and this is just a PERSONAL choice, I plan to put about 250 points into a Boomerang Kanhoa, (which means I'll be all Dex) then slam points into KI so that I can change between Attack and Defense (since using MP won't be my main concern).

(9/1/2014 9:00:54 AM)
Calypso I tried to put a guide for new players wrote it for half an hour and couldn't get it onto page. maybe you should write one on how to make cubes and what they sell for but couldn't post it. maybe since others cant write in this section you should do a guide on that.
(2/28/2015 10:30:34 PM)

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