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  Old soldier levelling guide
  killandra 3/30/2016 4:00:31 PM 1692
Thang is about STATS. Defense and attack command game.
there are powerups called COMBOS that add to the powers that you have.

i divide my guide in tiers depending on level.
i consider just RIANs (they are sexy) because for a new comer they cost less as a first character and are strong in attack so level rather quickly

TIER 1: 1...29
Spawn in rian, go to village chief, answer questions, grab some a Hyiat (dagger skill)
head upperr right corner, spawn in Yereden village, start Killing small warmchers, jump to Worms, and add just KI as a stat.
go nusa and grab a NPC buff each time you can to increase stats. kill witches, save all SEED OF YEN and pile em up, alongside WATERSTONES. go level 30 Killing in desert

TIER 2: 31...80
refine in Yereden armor lady the seeds, sell them, they are Always in demand, grab dien and server shout for a DOT1 dagger. use it to kill in ice zone the ice witches, as you reach 140 def go kill puraks or droks, then 175 def kill duvalics, then 200 def enter tombs and kill duams, level to 80

SOMEWHEN BETWEEEN 1...100 BUY A SUPERNOVA SKILL.... best dagger skill

TIER 3: 80...100
BUY A DOT2 Dagger, a TAR one is cheap, buy a DOT2 SHIELD for increase defense
kill dungais until u gag, try to reach 375 defense, as you reach it move to ghostly Woods, REFINE NOTHING, just kill and level to 100

TIER 4: 100...140
BUY a wiseong set, BEST SET for attack in game due to KI bonus, level to 140.... you will know what to kill at this point
buy a SUPERCOMBO (at this point u know what it is, but for explaining it give you a 28% bonus attack and defense)

TIER 5: 140....160
BUY a DOT3 TAR dagger... refine to TAR your supernova, upgrade the supercombo to 40/40 beast combo, KEEP YOUR WISEONG SET, REFUSE REFINING A 140 sest, it will burn your money

TIER 6: 160 ....TOP
you are a warrior with top knowledge of game, you know all you need..... your guild is near you and you fear no evil....
if you have diens to waste, time to showoff.... refine the set that make you look special, and wear it proudly........

xinxan +1 for how to be a winner
(5/29/2016 7:25:38 PM)
Gomk 2022 still relevant, 100+ switch from gagging on dungs to aras in hell
(4/14/2022 6:33:20 PM)
ECOM This guide is helping me a lot, 2022 relevant as Gomk said. Glad to see players active!
(9/19/2022 3:47:18 PM)

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