Adding Elemental Properties to skill/weapon.
Some equipment and skills can be refined to add an elemental property to them when they reach a certain level. Skills must be level 9 and weapons must be +9 in order to add an elemental property to them.
To refine a weapon with elemental properties, you must +9 the weapon and bring it to Shataram(Yereden Village 196, 213). To refine a skill with elemental properties, it must be level 9 and bring it to Naramarita(Yereden Village 202, 208)
  If refining succeeds, you will see the following window and message. Click OK, and check your inventory window (hotkey - 3).  
  Elemental properties should be used accordingly. Tar elemental property is best to use against monsters that are Yelba property. And vice-versa.
  When using a weapon and a skill that both have same elemental property, avatar gains double elemental effect on monsters of the opposite elemental property.
Jewelry Refining
  Jewelry can be refined to an elemental property as well. examples: Cuspid of Buya Tar/Yelba Blood of Vina Tar/Yelba.  

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