Door of Treasure is used to obtain eleite items. One Door of Treasure is found in Rian Village warehouse keeper Tuna. The other is found in Underground Tombs.

  Input the necessary items, you will see the following window and message. Click OK, and check your inventory window for your item.(hotkey - 3).  

These are the items available in the Door of Treasure in Rian Village.

  Same as the Door of Treasure in Rian Village, there is the Door of Treasure 2 located in the Underground Tombs. The items in here are among the rarest in ThangUSA.


1:1 PvP

PvP can be initiated by a player holding SHIFT+Left Click and selecting the PvP icon
If the responding player accepts battle, an item screen will appear in which you can make a wager on the battle.
You can also set the time limit of the battle here. After each player accepts, battle commences.
The battle continues until the timer runs out, when the losing player will then drop the wagered items in defeat.

  Items are placed and wagers are set.
You can see your PvP status on the screen.
You can see your opponents position on the mini map, each others HP, and the time leftover for the battle.
Once battle is over, losing player drops the wagered items.
Pvp status may be checked at anytime during game by pressing 1. This will display your wins/losses/ties for the avatar


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